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Fulcrum is a powerful DeFi platform that allows tokenized lending and margin trading. Fulcrum is a decentralized platform for margin trading. Fulcrum does not require any KYC, verification, or AML. Our non-custodial solution allows you to keep control of your keys and assets, whether you are lending or trading. ITokens, margin loans, earn holders interest on borrowed money while pTokens, tokenized margin positions allow your margin positions be composable.

Crypto Finance Group enables financial institutions to enter the digital asset space with funds, trading and storage. With our secure proprietary infrastructure, we support financial intermediaries with the implementation and development of custody solutions and tokenization projects. As a trusted partner, we advise our clients in crypto asset technology, operations, and risk management. The infrastructure and transaction processes can be ideally tailored to the processes of each financial intermediary involved, allowing for smooth operations. The system is built around redundancy in many aspects and is secured by a 24/7 system operations centre.

Your private keys are fully encrypted and securely stored in your local device. Infinito Wallet has passed rigorous security audits by world-leading auditors. You are the only one to have access to your funds, thanks to multiple privacy and authentication layers including password, fingerprint, and facial recognition. Interest is provided via staking, lending, and Defi services on Infinito Wallet. Blockchain analytics, training, and certification for crypto businesses, financial institutions, and regulators. Manage financial crime risk, achieve regulatory compliance, and grow with confidence.

Our open platform and agile approach allows for early integration support for assets our clients care about. We are proud to be at the forefront technology and provide the best portfolio coverage to our corporate and institutional customers. Crypto Finance Group allows financial institutions to access the digital asset space through funds, trading and storage. We support financial intermediaries in the development and implementation of custody solutions and tokenization projects using our secure proprietary infrastructure.

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We are an independent, qualified custodian and the industry’s most trusted provider of secure storage solutions. Paxos allows enterprises to integrate cryptocurrency holding, buying, selling, and sending capabilities into their applications. We provide an API-based solution that simplifies integration and manages the technical complexity of cryptocurrency markets. You can create a new, consistent revenue stream by deepening existing client relationships, and generating new ones.

custody and prime

This staked DOT financial primitive will be referred to as xDOT. Lenders will be able to earn interest income on their xDOT, and borrowers will be able to get loans against their DOT denominated in stable coins without selling their DOT. The Parallel lending protocol uses a pool-based strategy that aggregates each user’s supplied assets. This lending protocol will have a DOT, sDOT, and USDT pool where users can deposit their assets and earn interest. Your position is automatically maintained at a specific ratio to protect it against liquidation or increase your leverage based upon market movements.

Israeli cryptocurrency security company, Fireblocks completes USD 550 million financing, valued at USD 8 billion

The system is designed to be redundant in many areas and is protected by a 24/7 operation centre. Ernst & Young audits the organization and publishes a Type 2 SOC 2 / ISAE3000 Type 2 report. Coinbase Custody operates as a standalone, independently-capitalized business to Coinbase, Inc. Coinbase Custody is a fiduciary under NY State Banking Law. All digital assets are kept separate and in trust for our clients. Coinbase’s battle-tested cold store provides dedicated on-chain addresses.

service providers

Fireblocks is an enterprise-grade platform delivering a secure infrastructure for moving, storing, and issuing digital assets. Fireblocks serves over 1,500 financial institutions, has secured the transfer of over $3 trillion in digital assets and has a unique insurance policy that covers assets in storage & transit. Some of the biggest trading desks have switched to Fireblocks because it’s the only solution that CISOs and Ops Teams both love. Unido EP takes the complexity and expense out of digital asset management for organizations with sophisticated corporate governance needs.

Get the best rate across 10 decentralized exchanges, including Uniswap and Kyber. Send money as easily as a message to anyone, anywhere. Hex Trust is a fully licensed and insured provider of bank-grade custody for digital assets. Through its proprietary platform Hex Safe, we deliver custody, DeFi, brokerage, and financing solutions for financial institutions, digital asset organizations, corporate and private clients. Hex Trust has offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Vietnam and is expanding across Europe and the Middle East.

CASP supports any approval policy structuring and any number of cryptographically valid signers. CipherTrace provides cryptocurrency AML compliance solutions to some of the most important banks, exchanges and other financial institutions around the world. This is due to its best-in class data attribution, analytics and proprietary clustering algorithms. It also covers more than 2,000 cryptocurrency entities, more than any other Blockchain analytics company.


We are proud to be the preferred crypto app by nearly 2 million users in 150 countries. You can easily deposit cryptocurrencies, connect to a credit card, and set up bank transfers to fund your wallet. Abra is a crypto wealth management platform that aims to make it easy for millions of crypto owners to maximize their potential. Fireblocks offers more advanced MPC wallet technology that is more secure, flexible and cost effective compared to BitGo’s antiquated multi-sig wallet technology.

The community has created a vibrant digital economy, new ways for creators of online income, and many other benefits. Today, billions cannot open bank accounts and others have their payments blocked. The Ethereum decentralized finance system , never sleeps nor discriminates. You can send, receive and borrow money anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Banks and licensed FIs won’t depend on another licensed bank that competes for their retail or prime brokerage customers. Fireblocks’ self-custody and deep integration, DeFi and tokenization roadmap make it a better long term strategic partner. Fireblocks is a platform for creating blockchain products and managing digital asset operations. It also has its Fireblocks DeFi offering, which supports trading on decentralized crypto exchanges, as well as staking and yield farming. Welcome to the world’s largest online marketplace for cloud services. At Serchen, we are committed to providing an unparalleled experience for our consumers, connecting buyers and sellers of the best cloud services and software in the IaaS, PaaS and SaaS categories.

Does Fireblocks have a token?

The Fireblocks Network connects you to 30+ exchanges and 1,200+ tokens from day one. You can securely execute any digital asset trading strategy and operate 24/7, all from one crypto transfer platform.

Institutions are using Fireblocks to move funds securely DOGE in seconds instead of hours. Parallel’s mission it to innovate and take DeFi to the next level. We aim to create the most secure and user-friendly decentralized platform that allows everyone to have access to financial services. You simply need to supply the assets and we will optimize the best yield for your account. Our platform introduces a new financial primitive that stakes DOT.

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Find out how to unlock new revenue with assets. By using this site, you are agreeing to security monitoring and auditing. To mitigate these risks, Fireblocks offers solutions delivering the required enterprise-level security, efficiency, and scalability. The disruption of cryptocurrencies in the financial sector reached the point of no-return and over the next decade every business will become a web 3 business. In the last year alone, consumers and companies alike have become increasingly interested in innovative payment alternatives, such as Airbnb, Microsoft and AT&T.

Fireblocks Becomes First Digital Asset Service Provider to Receive … – PR Newswire

Fireblocks Becomes First Digital Asset Service Provider to Receive ….

Posted: Fri, 16 Dec 2022 08:00:00 GMT [source]

Collateralize your STX tokens and mint our stablecoin USDA, which you can use for yield farming. Swap your favorite tokens on the Arkadiko decentralized exchange, all on top of the Stacks blockchain. You will receive stDIKO that can be used in governance voting. All protocol changes will run through a governance vote, e.g. to change risk parameters on Arkadiko collateral types. We believe in building in the open, all our code is licensed with GPLv3.

Is Fireblocks a good company?

Fireblocks Reviews FAQs

Is Fireblocks a good company to work for? Fireblocks has an overall rating of 4.4 out of 5, based on over 34 reviews left anonymously by employees. 97% of employees would recommend working at Fireblocks to a friend and 88% have a positive outlook for the business.

Margin maintenance can only be achieved by liquidating positions that are undercollateralized. You will enjoy a smooth experience, with positions that automatically renew and no rollover fees. ZK Labs, a leading blockchain security auditor, has successfully audited the bZx protocol.

It was designed with fireblocks alternatives institutions in the mind, but can be customized for any individual or organization’s needs. OKX is the industry leader in cryptocurrency trading instruments and pairs for traders around the world. With over 20 million traders in more than 200 countries, we are the most trusted cryptocurrency marketplace in the world to buy BTC, ETH, USDT, XRP and many more digital assets. Trade crypto more effectively with a variety of crypto pairs, derivative trading instruments, and order types such as limit order, market order, stop order, or iceberg order. Diversify your crypto portfolio and build long-term wealth with advanced finance tools for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency borrowing or lending. Manage your crypto with advanced tools for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency mining pools and wallet management.

  • Note that this policy may change as the SEC manages to ensure that the website performs efficiently and remains available to all users.
  • AI-powered, behavior-based intelligence connects cryptocurrency to real-world entities, enabling your business to secure crypto assets, quantify risk, and remain KYC/AML compliant.
  • The simplest and safest way to access Decentralised Finance on Ethereum.
  • Transfer your existing applications from Ethereum onto Reef chain without having to modify your Solidity code.
  • All digital assets are kept separate and in trust for our clients.

Fine tune governance to match existing corporate structures and asset management workflows. Trade, transfer and take custody of digital assets on a decentralized network. Instant transfers and cross-chain atomic swaps with greater capital efficiency and profitability. Maximize net returns with free deposits when securing assets on Qredo Network. Qredo is headquartered in London, UK, with development offices in Sofia, Bulgaria.

  • Chainalysis KYT is the cryptocurrency transaction monitor that meets this need.
  • Ernst & Young audits the organization and publishes a Type 2 SOC 2 / ISAE3000 Type 2 report.
  • It is built using Substrate Framework, and has on-chain governance.

The most secure way to store digital assets off-exchange, combining MPC key shard technology with proprietary optical air-gapping for ultimate safety. End-to-end secure custody architecture for crypto assets. Client segregated cold storage combined with live trading accounts provide complete control over the custody and transmission of digital assets. The only FIPS 140 L2 certified Multi-Party-computation security platform for digital assets.

Everything you need for success in a rapidly changing market. You can quickly manage the movement and reporting digital assets between trading accounts. Copper Unlimited is the most secure way to keep digital assets off-exchange. It combines MPC key shard technology and proprietary optical air-gapping to ensure maximum safety. Client segregated cold storage and live trading accounts give you complete control over the custody, transmission, and disposal of digital assets.

How FinTechs Can Contribute to the World’s Sustainability Goals: Report by Elevandi – The Tokenizer

How FinTechs Can Contribute to the World’s Sustainability Goals: Report by Elevandi.

Posted: Mon, 20 Feb 2023 08:00:00 GMT [source]

Businesses need an automated method to assess money laundering risk in order to meet regulatory requirements and maintain good relationships with key stakeholders. Chainalysis KYT is the cryptocurrency transaction monitor that meets this need. The interface was designed to be intuitive and comply with anti-money laundering compliance workflows.

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